Welcome to the home of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Raspberry Pi User Group.

Of course it's hosted on a Raspberry Pi.

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We've yet to get rid of Covid-19, so meetings are going to be virtual only until further notice. Watch this space, subscribe to our mailing list (see below), or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

The Forth-2020 Usergroup meets this Saturday, November 13 2021, on Zoom at


starting with the Cafe at 07:00CST, followed by presentations at 08:00CST, earlier than most meetings around here, to accommodate the large number of participants from abroad.

While setting up a few other groups due to Yahoogroups going away in December, I found out that basic groups.io (GIO) accounts no longer receive 1GB of free files storage. That 1GB granted is for message archives only, so in case GIO pulls a Yahoogroups on us, there is an additional archive at


Presentation center around, but are not limited to Raspberry Pi topics. Have a topic to discuss, present? Speak up.

We meet at 10:00 the first Saturday of each month at

TheLab.ms - Everyone's Makerspace

999 E Arapaho Rd, #300

Richardson, TX 75075

TheLab.ms on Google Maps

Meetings are open to the public.

Doors are open around 09:45, virtual meetings around 09:55.

There is a mailing list at groups.io for announcements and discussions:


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